Myrtle Beach Restoration Company

Unfortunately sometimes damage and disasters happen. Whether it’s from the hand of time, the act of God or just a very embarrassed and regretful person. Fortunately Coastline Designs is there for you when you need it for everything from drywall repair to entire tear-downs and building back up, as we are a full Myrtle Beach restoration company.

Flooring: Some of the most common areas of floor damage we fix are foundation settlement, stress cracks, bond failure due to excess humidity, general damage & stains.

Textures: Whether it is damaged or simply aesthetically damaging to your eyes we can fix and repair all sorts of textures. For example, popcorn texture removal is very popular, as well as fixing stipple texture, orange peel, stains and entire knock-downs of walls.

Water Damage can be a very slippery slope if it is ignored (Pun totally intended). Which is why it is very important to give us at Coastline Designs a call immediately. We handle water damage repairs to roofs, walls (interior & exterior), sub-floors, attics and crawl spaces, flooring, trim, cabinets, windows, doors or anywhere else that is effected by water damage.

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