CAPS Solutions: Handicapped Accessible

Anyone who has struggled with mobility issues or cared for a friend or loved one with a disability knows the physical and emotional toll can be immense for the patient and his or her family. Finding a compassionate and skilled service provider to help ease the strain and provide better quality of life can make all the difference. Which is why we here at Coastline Designs have gone the extra mile to educate ourselves to design and construct handicapped accessible spaces for people with special needs so we can play an integral role in providing comfortable and functional homes for our special-needs clients. Coastline Designs is proud to say that we are Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) by The Washington-based National Association of Home Builders.

Just some of the life improving projects Coastline Designs can do for you and your family are below:

  • Widening of doorways and hallways so wheelchairs, walkers and crutches can easily pass through.
  • Different flooring in each room to help the sight-impaired feel and hear which room they have entered.
  • Better Lighting
  • Different-colored rooms and hallways to help the sight-impaired know where they are.
  • Curbless, walkin-in showers
  • Raised countertops to eliminate bending over at the hips, and space under countertops for those in wheelchairs to sit comfortably
  • Contrasting colors between interiors and exteriors of cabinets to assist sight-impaired see when a cabinet door is open or closed
  • Track systems
  • Elevators, ramps & lifts
  • Faucet and door handles and hardware for people with arthritis and other grip issues
  • Consideration of a care-giver who may need to get into a shower or other space with a client

Just because some of these changes are clinical, doesn’t mean they have to appear that way. Coastline Designs can take a remodel project and design it so it looks like the designer made these changes for aesthetic purposes. We take pride in turning your special-needs project into something you would have done anyway because it’s a really neat design! So if you’re in need of remodel to improve the life of a loved one, give the certified specialists at Coastline Designs a call.

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