New Floor Installation: There are many product choices available for new flooring installations, from traditional carpet or wood types and board dimensions to numerous prefinished and “engineered” flooring products. While there are products available in a wide price range, budget may be just one determinant in choosing a flooring material. Relative durability, design considerations, and sub floor type may also be important factors that we here at Coastline Designs can assist you through.

Floor Repair: Coastline Designs can repair voids or replace damaged boards in your floor. We will provide the same species and grade of wood as your existing flooring, but it is important to note will not always produce an exact match when replacing boards.

CAPS Flooring: Coastline Designs is a Certified Aging In-place Specialist. We take pride in our ability to work with you and your family’s specific needs and then assist in improving the homes of those with handicaps. Being able to provide different flooring in each room to help the sight-impaired feel and hear which room they have entered, using contrasting colors in different areas and installing floor lighting are just some of the ways we’ve been able to help improve the lives of others.

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