Frequently Asked Remodeling Questions

Below are some frequently asked remodeling questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us by phone or email here »

Q:        Is it expensive to get an estimate on a project I’m considering doing?

A:         Absolutely not. We would be more than happy to come out to your home or office, lend our expertise and give you a well researched and thought out estimate.


Q:        Do you require a deposit if we decide to hire you for services?

A:         That depends on the size of the job but more importantly, if anything needs to be special ordered. Typically we do not ask for a deposit before we begin work.


Q:        I don’t live in the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand area. Can I still hire Coastline Designs?

A:         We are definitely willing to do some traveling for our customers. Please contact us today and we will do everything we can to help!


Q:        Do you use sub-contractors?

A:         On some jobs we will hire sub-contractors. However we only work with reliable, professional & experienced sub-contractors. We stand by our work just as we stand by theirs and will oversee everything they are brought in to do. You can be assured that if our name is associated with a project it’s not done until it’s perfect.


Q:        I have a project in mind but didn’t see it listed on your website. Do you do custom jobs?

A:         Absolutely. We are pretty confident the internet isn’t big enough to contain all the awesome jobs we can do, but large or small we strive to be creative, efficient & leave you satisfied on any type of project you can imagine.


Q:        Does your office have a showroom?

A:         Not at this time. We are growing but have not found a need for a showroom. With the use of the web, we can show you information on almost any product we would be using during your remodel or renovation. Our office location is primarily a shop for left over material and equipment storage.


Q:        Are you a bonded company?

A:         Well yes but not in the way you are probably thinking. There are multiple types of bonds for contractors. The one most homeowners refer to is a $50 business license bond that allows a disgruntled homeowner to track my license info easily if I don’t hold up my end of a contract or agreement. If a complaint is filed, the insurance bond acts as a database for complaints. It really doesn’t provide anything the Better Business Bureau doesn’t already offer and its a waste of money…it sounds good to some but is relatively useless. We have a bond on our license, which is registered thru the Builders Commission and allows us to perform jobs that exceed our licenses natural dollar amount limits. If we don’t complete a job holding this bond, the insurer holds us financially liable for completion of the project after someone else came in to finish the work we started. Logic behind it is it allows us to pull permits for jobs up to $100,000.


Q:        Do you / will you be working on weekends?

A:         We have families also and need rest too…not to mention walk the dog, take out the trash & cut the grass. We will work weekends but it is not typical.


Q:        Do you work on multiple projects at a time and which one is the priority?

A:         We rarely start a new job before finishing the current one. We operate daily, treating our customers as we would expect and hope to be treated. That includes not jumbling all over town doing a little bit each day on 4 different jobs. Doesn’t happen!

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