Our Home Remodeling Process

We try to keep the entire home remodeling process as simple as possible. Communication is key in any project so we want you to know exactly what you’re getting with Coastline Designs before you even pick up that phone to call. Below is what you can expect when dealing with our professionals:

Upon contacting us we will schedule an appointment with you for your FREE consultation. Typically at this point we will be able to determine whether we will need to perform upgrade renovations and remodeling or damage repair renovations. We will extract the necessary information to provide an estimate by taking measurements, discussing floor plan changes, introducing product materials to incorporate, and if necessary determining the cause of cosmetic and/or structural repairs needing to be fixed.

After our initial visit we do our homework and then generate a typed estimate with options and pricing for labor and materials. We are NOT pushy with sales so we notify you that your estimate is being sent/delivered and we wait for your verbal or written acceptance.  Estimate turn-around times vary and we try hard to provide you with a cost and scope of work in a reasonable time.

If necessary we then meet with other design professionals such as an architect or engineer.  We also arrange meetings with various product design associates, with your participation encouraged.  These designers include sales personnel for cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, shower & other glass, faucet & fixture suppliers, and more. We can provide samples of many products for your review and the Internet is also a helpful resource. Orders are placed and job deposits may be introduced to cater to the expenses.

We try to have most or all products necessary on hand before beginning your renovation because we hate starting something that we can’t finish…probably more than you do. We strive to start a project knowing that we can make steady and constant daily progress until completion. Weather, delivery delays, other unforeseen work req., and other things can slow down the process but we do our best to avoid these things. We plan to succeed at all costs so coordinating necessary subcontract labor is part of many jobs and we schedule them with ample advanced notices. The task of performing the craftsmanship is a science in itself and this is where we shine…this is the most important and enjoyable part of remodeling and we love the challenge. We work with you and maintain an organized work area while steadily communicate with you for your progress updates all along the way.

We’re picky and we can’t stand having to clean up overlooked debris or heavy dust or leftover materials, so we treat you with the same respect. That goes for paint drips, spackling splatter, sawdust, or anything else. To us, the job is not complete if there is evidence left behind, other than the installed products!

Product warranties vary per manufacturer. South Carolina requires a minimum labor warranty for 1 year from the date of the service but we often offer longer terms for your own peace of mind.

Any balance remaining on a verbal or printed contract is due immediately, upon completion. Estimates and contracts typically state progressive payment schedules if necessary.

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